2015. New Year. New Resolutions.

1. Lose weight…by being cursed by a gypsy.

2. Get the best job of my life…by pretending I am a woman.

3. Become a better athlete…by turning myself into a werewolf.

4. Become more family oriented…by being shot in the head and getting amnesia.

5. Make my friends happier…by causing a shuttle mishap that sends them into space.

6. Help a troubled minority teenager…by teaching him about football.

7. Help save the community rec center…by winning the annual break dancing competition.

8. Expose school corruption…by becoming a pirate radio DJ.

9. Solve unsolved murders…by using my ability to talk to ghosts.

10. Prevent World War III…by working with/against time traveling robots.

11. Eat less red meat.


Many happy returns

On the day that you left,
hope was thrown out
the window and 
into the 

Of course there really wasn’t
much hope to throw;
to throw into 
the melting 

There was no peace left. 
Nothing to drag me 
from the gutter 
to the 

So I sat in the room 
with the laughing chairs
watching each frozen
moment slip 

….the white ribbons and pony-tail,
the thoughts that gave me
warmth at night and 
the book with 
the clasp 
shut too tight.

…the silent dinners and phony smile,
the thoughts that kept me
up at night and 
my mouth like 
a book with 
a clasp
couldn’t close right…

All of the things
we had and
used to 

All of the things 
that meant the 
world to 

Forever lost
in the noise
and all the heat.

Lost like melting snow.