Other, Sunnier Days

sunnier days

“Give me my money,” the girl says. She is identical to all the other girls with her green primary school uniform and her close cropped hair. You have probably walked past her dozens of times. On other days she may even have greeted you in the exact same way. On other days you may have even returned the greeting with a smile and shrug.

On other, sunnier days.

“What?” You stop walking and look at her. Her legs are ashy. Her feet are shoeless. A thin crust of dried snot hovers just below her nostrils. On other days you would have kept walking. On other days you would not have said anything.

On other, sunnier days.
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2015. New Year. New Resolutions.

1. Lose weight…by being cursed by a gypsy.

2. Get the best job of my life…by pretending I am a woman.

3. Become a better athlete…by turning myself into a werewolf.

4. Become more family oriented…by being shot in the head and getting amnesia.

5. Make my friends happier…by causing a shuttle mishap that sends them into space.

6. Help a troubled minority teenager…by teaching him about football.

7. Help save the community rec center…by winning the annual break dancing competition.

8. Expose school corruption…by becoming a pirate radio DJ.

9. Solve unsolved murders…by using my ability to talk to ghosts.

10. Prevent World War III…by working with/against time traveling robots.

11. Eat less red meat.